Our automotive electrical & electronic databases include:


  • Microcontrollers, DSPs, and Graphics Controllers

  • Autonomous/Automated Vehicles and Driving Systems

  • Driver Information and Entertainment: Telematics, Infotainment and Connectivity, Navigation, Instrumentation, Integrated Cockpit

  • Passive/Active Safety & ADAS and Security

  • Body and Body Electronics: Central Body Control Systems, Lighting, HVAC, Door/Window/Mirror/Seat Systems

  • Integrated Chassis Control, Steering, Brakes, Suspension

  • Powertrain: Gas/Diesel Injection Management, Alternative Fuel Systems, Fuel Cells, Starters, Alternators and Stop-Start Systems

  • Hybrid & Electric Powertrain: Hybrid and EV Vehicles, Batteries and Battery Management Systems, DC to DC Converters, Chargers, Inverters